The Dream

The hardest part next to lack of physical touch when losing a family member is grasping that you won’t be able to watch them live their dreams. Grant’s life was taken at the age of 23; an age in which those dreams were becoming clear to him. Our family will have to come to terms that Grant won’t be able to get married or experience the joy of bringing a new life into this world, but some dreams we can make happen.

Grant began framing houses and building from the ground up at a very young age. He helped people with all of their big projects; digging basements with a shovel, roofing shelter when one was in need, and creating a solid foundation under ones feet. Grant did this with love and an open heart and never expected the returned favor, but always appreciated a thank you and a good pie or steak for his hard work.

Only weeks prior to Grant leaving us here on Earth he applied to go to school to be an architect; a dream he was reaching to obtain. He wanted to learn more about design and turn his passion into a career. Grant, Dad and Mama had the plan that when the time was right our family’s land in Pine River, MN would be signed over to Grant and he would build a home. He always said he’d build the house and us girls could get all the toys; boats, 4 wheelers, snowmobiles etc. He wanted a place for us to all come together as a family on weekends and play hard.

As a memorial to our son, brother, and uncle we are building “Grant’s Place”; a dream he spoke often of. This project is a part of our grieving process. It’s something we can create with him as he leads us to what it’s going to be. We will forever be able to go to Grant’s and feel like a dream of his was able to come alive. One month prior to his departure I sent him a message saying, “I want to watch you live your dreams”… And this is the project our family needs

Through this blog we will post our journey and building process of Grant’s Place. We have more than carpentry in mind for this masterpiece and we can’t wait to share it.

Grant, we miss you more and more each day. We wish we could bring you back to join us on your project. Please be with us each step of the way and guide us to make your home exactly as you dream it to be. XOXO our boy.

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11 thoughts on “The Dream

  1. Mary

    This is so nice, thank you for sharing your journey with us. I’m excited to follow it with you! Take care, you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs!!

  2. Grant, I am sure is so proud of all of you. I know this will be a place that you will all feel his presence even more and a place where you will all be able to make some amazing memories.

    If you need help in the building, I am pretty handy in all aspects of the building process… so please ask if you would like help at any time. A gathering of friends coming together to build Grant’s Place.

    We are still in process of trying to get Nick’s Bunkhouse finished up north also… it all takes time, this last year nothing has been done – all is left as Nick left it…. I plan to get busy tryin to finish it this summer also.

    I remember several times – When Nick went out on siding jobs with Grant… He had a blast – doing physical labor was something that Nick just loved to do.. and helping Grant out a big plus… he always enjoyed the times the two of them could hang out and even when that included a day working together.

    Jill Reamer (Warrior Angel Nicks Mom Forever)

    • Jill, I am sure Nick and Grant are up there in Heaven making this all happen. I remember very vividly Grant saying to my mom, “You should make friends with Nick’s mom… She is such a nice lady”. And I am sure the two of them are looking down on the two of you thinking “little do the know that they are the nails and we are the hammers!! I’d rather be a hammer than a nail!! “

  3. Chelsey topeff

    It like Grant is picking it all out himself

  4. Marnie Ahlbrecht

    This is the most “Awesome” plan I have ever heard in my life!!! God Bless all of you!!! (I know a good plumber if you need one!!)

  5. Emily Peaarson

    This is such an amazing thing you guys are doing! I can’t wait to read your updates of Grant’s dream unfolding into a reality… how cool!

  6. Luke Vogel

    The Faith and Energy make the hair on my neck stand up!!
    I must be a part of Grants Legacy. Steve, Kim, if you need anything in the building materials department let me know.
    Also, I would be honerd if I could help pound some nails in Grants memory!!!
    I Love you guys.

    • Stay in tuned and we will let you know when the building will begin!!! Luke, you have built soooo many memories in Pine River and Grant would want you there; Luuuuuke, Luuuuuke (insert cow), mini bike rides (Grant wanted my Dad to go up and get the bike for the boys and Dad was like, “Grant, that thing was so old when you drove it!!”), roasting hotdogs, sleeping by the fire, snowmobile rides… we name it and you were there!! Can’t wait to make more memories with you. Grant will be soooo proud!

  7. hi steve and family . when i talked to you at ptl yesterday i was saddened to hear the news about grant i only knew him from what you had told me about him on my various visits to get my car fixed. when you told me about your plan to build grants place and fullfill the dream of grants i could tell by the look on your face that god was doing his thing again and helping all of us in still another of his miricles .kathy and i are praying for the continuing grace from god .we would like to extend our help to you in any way during the process of building grants place .what you and your family are doing is just another example ofthe power of god .peace be with you and let the building begin. just a reminder we are agood source of ideas on what to use and where to find it when it comes to building material etc.kathy h. and rick sather

  8. Rhonda Pentz

    It’s so amazing to look back at the beginning of this journey, just watching Grants Place become his reality. And all the effort you all have put into keeping this blog updated so we (friends, relatives, acquaintances, even strangers) could be a part of every step. Grant was such a beautiful personality, had all those fun sayings, made a lot of fun faces, having the biggest heart.. and I think Grants Place is exactly what he would have loved to build. You have honored him – and all the time, teaching so many of us the true meaning of family. I hope you can feel Grants hugs every day. ❤

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