OWL light up your life

As you previously have noticed owls hold a special place in our hearts. I don’t know if they have always been everywhere, if they are a hot new trend, or if its Grant’s little way of saying “HI”. I have noticed them everywhere from all over home decor pieces, to necklaces and jewelry, or I’ll be watching a movie and the character has a big owl in the center of her shirt. So as seen below we found a few more owl things that reminded us of Grant. I just loved the owl lamp and the tag even said, “light up my life.”

On Monday as I was doing a quick search through Marshalls for work and I saw an owl throw and I noticed it right away… the owl was winking, which was always something Grant did to me. There is something that I love about wrapping it around myself; it’s like a little hug from above.

As you notice Mom bought a “You are my Sunshine” ottoman that holds a special meaning to her. This is a song she sang to Grant from the day he was born all the way to adulthood. She even still sings it to him to this day. As we were walking through Homegoods I heard her say, “Oh my gosh… I was just singing this to him yesterday”. The song lyrics caught her attention and she couldn’t put it down; she didn’t even have to ponder it like she normally would most purchases. Each little piece of decor has a special reminder to us, which will make everything in his place mean something to both him and our family.  

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One thought on “OWL light up your life

  1. That IS a sign from above… Happy you are receiving them… and that you left one with Nick.

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