Sooner than anticipated…

Grant was always well aware that winter is not Mom’s favorite time of year…. she hates being cold. This was by far the worse winter we have ever experienced; like a blizzard in our hearts and minds each day. I personally believe he was trying his best this winter to make it a bit more bearable for us with these unbelievable mild temps. This 70 degree weather in mid March must be from him. 

Grant and Mom are very much alike; crud sense of humor, their ‘hahaha” laugh, and even their heart to do things for others. They also have always been slightly impatient when they want something. They are get it done, lets go, buy it now kind of personalities. Grant is feeling as impatient as we all are about starting his house; hence this insane March weather. If this keeps up we will be BREAKING GROUND much earlier than we previously anticipated. This is Grant saying, “Come on guys, lets get a go on this”. 

In the next few weeks we will be posting dates in which we will be making our trips to Pine River to start building Grant’s Place. We will keep everyone updated throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall with whats on the schedule. We have had many people interested in helping and Grant would LOVE for you all to join; it would make him so proud. Grant never wanted Dad to do too much or more than his body could handle so he would be saying “Thanks for helping my Dad… means a lot.” Rather than us feeling obligated or making anyone feel pressured to help, just know you are all always welcome. The dates will be out there and our hearts will love the company… I can gaurentee the hammer will even be in my hand.

With tears, Karmin

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