Dad is going up north this weekend to meet the inspector that is coming Saturday at noon. The inspector is coming to see about the septic tank. We have to have that okay-ed before we can get a permit. The county needs to know that a septic tank will be put in before approving a house with toilets…”A must” funny.

Dad is also waiting for the estimate to come in for the well drill. He said its 85 feet and they said it was $17.00 a foot to drill. Water, septic tank and a wall around the bathroom and I will be very happy in October. Oh ya, heat and insulation would be good too. I don’t care if it is pretty by winter, just warm. So much to do with Grant this summer… he will be keeping a flame under my butt 🙂

Side Note: I was thinking about that huge fire pit at The Tavern!! I would love to have a fire at Grant’s like that . “BIG/tall” so the kids are safe… I liked that. I need those blocks on sale!! No, we need not spend money on that yet!!

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