Follow the Leader

Grant has been the leader in the plans and continues to escort us to the next yellow sticker. He certainly helps us see the bigger picture along the way. All along we thought we wanted granite counter tops, but the amazing deal we ran into today was loud and clear. Although granite is amazing the cost is high and we have so much we want to do that we also have to remain realistic, yet continue not to sacrifice high quality. So what did we find? Beautiful counter tops that someone custom ordered and failed to pick up; their loss and our huge find. Chelsey fell upon them at the Maple Grove Lowes a few days ago and thought “hmmmm, maybe we should go this route… It’s a really good deal. We don’t have a kitchen design set in stone yet so maybe this is something Grant is telling us.”  The yellow sticker a few days ago read $1,381 Now $600. Sunday, Mama’s SONday, Chelsey and Mom went back to look again and Grant’s yellow sign changed in those two days!! SONday yellow sticker was $1,381 NOW $300! Seriously a steal of a deal! That’s Grant saying “Oh sorry, I thought $600 was a good deal… Not good enough? I’ll mark it to half of that. Was that clear enough?”

Mom whipped up a quick drawing to show just how the counters will fit PERFECTLY into the floor plans… down to every single centimeter!!

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3 thoughts on “Follow the Leader

  1. Kim

    My scribbled drawing make Dad laugh……………

  2. YOU guys ROCK!…. Truly a sign from above .. those deals just don’t happen.


  3. Bridget Suddendorf

    Wow what a great deal and nice sign from Grant that you guys really needed those counter tops!

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