It is therapy for the soul to surround ourselves with the ones we love. Fulfilling a dream of Grant’s Place has become one of the things that we look forward to most. Whether it be finding a good deal, drawing out the plans for the millionth time because it is so exciting to see it on paper, enjoying the company of those who are just as excited as we are to put this plan into action, putting a pink stake in the ground, or secretly stashing spare change into the jar on top of the washing machine for the moments when it adds up to a special item. This past Easter weekend we spent Sunday with the kids rolling in the dirt up north! Grant would have gotten such a kick out of showing them some of his favorite places. As I child, I am sure the girls and I would agree, Grant was the adventurer. He always had a way of getting “the girls” to ride a bike on the dirt hills, snowmobiling a lot faster than we would have on our own, sledding down Grandma’s hill into the road, riding Bunter the cow, milking goats, riding a blown up raft down the creek, walking down the dirt road and enjoying summer days as the sunshine beat on our faces. Some of my fondest childhood memories with my brother were made during these moments. I look forward to making more memories like these with the kids in his honor as his dream with Grant’s Place is becoming a reality. Boy do I wish I could go back and be a kid again, when life was easy and carefree and time didn’t matter! I want to take a minute to thank you.  ALL OF YOU… who have taken the time to follow the Grant’s Place blog, shed tears with us, and to those who have encouraged us on the hard days, and shared stories of the good days. Thank you to all of our family in Pine River who have taken the time to truly show us what it means to be family. We love you. Hug and Kisses!

Click to view the video from the weekend VIDEO – I can close my eyes and hear Grant saying all of these words in this song to us… each and every one of you who have kept our family in your prayers and encouraged our hopes and dreams for Grant’s Place… THANK YOU.

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One thought on “Family

  1. Grandma Faith

    Love you all so much!!

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