Your Heart Always Wins

Some days I feel like I don’t know how to feel, what to say, and what I believe. It’s times when I question my deepest faith that something happens that brings me stronger than I thought I could be. I’ll scream loud and ask for a sign and Mom flips to a magazine page that says “Don’t Ignore the Signs” that matched my dream the night prior or cry and fight with God and Grant’s name appears on a set of my favorite angel wings. Other days he has a sneaky way of showing us that he is definitely working with us on his home by leading us to the most incredible deals. Yesterday, for example, Mom e-mailed me a photo of a sink that she thought would be adorable for atop the renovated dresser for the bathroom vanity. It was a square porcelain vessel style sink she found upon a google search. Our e-mails went back and forth about the cost and how we would hopefully find something like this for a better price. Some time passed when Mom texted me an image of a Lowe’s yellow clearance sign… I was in the midst of a meeting and had to postpone chatting with her and of course she bought it without needing anyone else’s opinion! Not only did she find the exact style sink she had on her mind, but the sink was a special order return that was ORIGINALLY $264.81 marked down to $20!! I don’t believe that is just an ironic circumstance, but that its Grant reminding us that he is one with God and they are always listening, walking, and guiding us. You know that feeling when your heart opens up and pounds deep within you? That is the FAITH within you telling yourself that is what you believe. Listen to your heart and don’t let your mind fight; your heart always wins.



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2 thoughts on “Your Heart Always Wins

  1. Grandma Faith

    I can’t believe it. That is a beautiful sink. It looks just like Grant’s style.

  2. Kim

    Another yellow sign from Heaven.

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