One can closes; another door opens

Mom had mentioned to us that she had been searching for a patio door, more specifically that she’d love to find French patio doors that would set on the back side of Grant’s Place. This door would be the one that we will enjoy looking out over the creek. So on Wednesday when she went to Lowe’s to purchase some primer to do a couple outdoor painting tasks she came home to realize that she accidentally bought indoor primer. Knowing that this wouldn’t do, most would have gone back to make their exchange. Instead, mom’s reasoning behind the mistake was that she was probably meant for a different Lowe’s that day. This brought us to snoop down the aisles at the Maple Grove Lowe’s to of course exchange the paint for outdoor primer but to also find …. Are you ready for this? Yes, it was the perfect patio door! When one can of paint closes, and a mistake is made, it must mean that there is something better around the corner, right?

As I’ve thought about this, I started thinking about life in general… so here I go deep for a minute and then I’ll get back to our Lowe’s story. I recently took a picture of Ashton riding his tricycle in the snow. I continually looked at this picture with this quote in mind, “If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” I can’t imagine biking in the snow is very fun or that it amounts to much success but his goal was seeing the girls in the barn as he does almost daily. His prize at the end is usually raiding their drawers for a sucker or a piece of gum. So as silly as the simple paint can mistake can be it really shows a bigger picture. I think Grant and the rest of my family would agree that this really means to have faith in the goal at the end and not be discouraged when a mistake is made or an obstacle is put in your path. So, whether it be a small obstacle in the road, or a big life changing obstacle, remember that as long as you have faith… the end will be glorious; because one day we too will be greeted at those pearly gates.

As Steven Curtis Chapman says, “I set out on a great adventure the day my Father started leading me home. He said there’s gonna be some mountains to climb and some valleys we’re gonna go through.” He goes on to say, “But I know we’re gonna make it. The Father will pick us up and carry us in His arms.” “We’re not home yet.”  So always look at your current obstacles in life as maybe creating a little longer, bumpier route, but in the end the ride will be worth the trip. Focus on the goal but not so hard that you are discouraged by the bumps, because after all, as my uncle Jr. says, “this life is just a glimpse.” We are not home yet.

So back to the Lowe’s story… this one little paint can mistake turned into not only a fabulous door find, but when the two men came around the corner to help dad load, one of them asked, “Are you Grant’s Dad?” With the most sincere smile, Grant’s friend Ezra, introduced himself and said that Grant was near and dear to his heart and said he knew exactly where this door was going! Grant knew Ezra from Mosaic, a young adult’s ministry at Emmanuel Christian Center. A little bit of Heaven shined down on us as these guys lifted Grant’s patio door into the truck! Thank you Ezra for your help! We’re glad this can of paint mistake allowed us to know Grant touched your heart!

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2 thoughts on “One can closes; another door opens

  1. Sarah… this made the tears flow. Thanks I wanted to get them all out this morning.
    Love you, Karmin

  2. Grandma Faith

    All said, Karmin, so true.
    Love, Grandma Faith

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