You’ve Got Mail

A few weeks ago when Mom and Dad went to clean up the land they came across a beautiful oversized mailbox. Come to find out it was once our great-grandma’s mailbox from many years ago. Mom thought, ‘hmmmm… Grant is going to need a mailbox. Maybe I can do something cute with this’. So from there they tossed it in the truck so they could bring it home for re-finishing. Within the week Mom made a stop at Lowe’s and found a really beautiful mailbox post. This post was originally $63.98 and on clearance for only $3.99!! This had to be Grant telling us that he liked the mailbox and he wanted it up right away so that everyone coming to help and visit can find just where to go. Mom and Dad decided to make it bold yellow and added some sweetness. They even had a custom owl mail flag made so everyone knows just Whooooos house it is.

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6 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail

  1. Rhonda Pentz

    This mailbox is just awesome!

  2. I agree Rhonda!!! Grant needed this touch to the end of the drive 🙂

  3. michelle Poppen

    you guys are such an amazing family!! love you all! 🙂

  4. Grandma Faith


  5. Tim

    I absolutely LOVE how this project is progressing! Every little thing has meaning, a purpose, and a story behind it. I am blown away by how every little detail has sentimental value that leads back to Grant. I dig it.

    If you guys ever need a helping hand, I am more than happy to lend a couple. Seriously, I would love to go up there and help you guys sometime. Every time Dan tells me about his trips there, I wish I could’ve went and helped too! So if you need help, let me know 🙂

    Oh, and keep on posting girls! I’ve bookmarked this blog, and will be checking in frequently!

    -tim h.

  6. Kayla Abtin

    I look forward to reading this blog… thanks for making all the little things important and letting me be apart of your project. It really is very special 🙂

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