Grant’s Favorite Room in a House

Today started off as scary… Really scary… I was laying on an operating table knowing I was about to undergo a surgery that made me feel really apprehensive. Grant would never want me to be scared so I believe that Grant wrapped me in his wings and asked God to take away my fears. He did just that…. Moments before an Iv was going to slip me to sleep the doctor made a last-minute decision to cancel the surgery due to the dramatic decrease in the size of the cyst on the right side of my neck. I said to Mom right after, “Grant’s with us today… I can feel it… We need to go to Lowe’s.” As I made my way to one Lowe’s, Chelsey and the kiddos made their way to another; we were on a serious mission. We played phone tag as we passed deals back and forth. We found that Chelsey sought out the most incredible deals on unfinished kitchen cupboards at the Maple Grove location; most of them exceeding 75% off. It must have been a blessing that the lady working at Lowe’s that helped Chelsey just so happened to be the same person that ordered the custom counter tops we bought a few weeks back. She was able to pull up the file and help design all the pieces in which were needed for Grant’s kitchen. This created multiple trips to Maple Grove today to get each piece of the kitchen. We once thought that the kitchen would be one of the most expensive aspects of Grant’s Place. Now, we have to remember that Grant’s favorite area in any and all houses is the kitchen so I think Grant wanted to make this part of the house perfect and completed before anything else. That’s where he loved to entertain, cook, eat, and of course make a mess. It was the place he went first each morning and last before bed. A place he raided the fridge. A place where he fed all his best friends. And a place that will always hold a special meaning to us. We are so thankful for the blessings that rained down on us on a day I expected to be extra tough. We are so anxious to finish these with loving care and a perfect vision. Thank you Grant for holding us close today.

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2 thoughts on “Grant’s Favorite Room in a House

  1. Grandma Faith

    Oh, how wonderful and exciting this must be. I am so happy for such a wonderful day in purchasing the kitchen cabinets for Grant’s kitchen. You have been blessed. Grandma Faith

  2. Rhonda Pentz

    God is good! Sorry you had to have the fear this morning, but our Lord will walk us through each day, and He really did that today…with some help from your brother whispering in His ear! Every step of this journey just gives me goosebumps. I love seeing these updates! I can hardly wait til you’re making that first meal in his kitchen.

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