Spider Monkey and Company

It all began on Thursday night as Mom shed tears as Dad drove the truck full of windows and doors for his journey up north. Friday was the big day… the day in which the lumber was being delivered. As we have mentioned, Grant’s specialty was framing. He loved the gratification of building something so amazing; a piece of art is what it is. Obviously I have never tagged onto one of Grant and Ray’s work days. As I think back to Grant’s smirk and snicker I understand just why I would be in fear each day he went off for work. Lets make this clear, I was only company in comparison to the talent that joined Dad this weekend. Yes, I certainly learned how to shoot a nail gun, drill a screw, lift and pass lumber, and the technique to putting up trusses. Funny thing is I never knew what trusses were until Grant explained it to me at the end of November; as he told me the trusses on mine and Dan’s new house were top-notch. Of course I made him explain it to me and that was the last day I saw him… the day he hugged me so tight and told him he loved me. So as you may notice, the trusses hold a deeper meaning to myself than to most. Its one of the many things Grant tought on his time here on Earth. Although I did all a girl like myself could do this weekend, I sat back on complete and utter ahhhhhhhh as these amazing men whipped up something I can’t even fathom doing for a moment. I sat back and thought about Grant… I watched Wesley and Marion as they climbed like spider monkeys on the tip-top of the roof and the flipping and slamming of the nails as smooth as I know how to walk. I thought about how I would have NEVER let Grant do what he did if I knew just how dangerous it seemed. But then I stopped and thought Grant loved doing this. This made him feel good and gave him gratification which reflected so much pride. As much as I don’t understand, men apparently call a structure and job like this ‘a man’s jungle gym’. They seem to find the thrill exhilarating and exciting. Although Grant is not in arm’s touch, he taught me something… He taught me more about himself in his passion. He taught me what real teamwork means. He taught me what it means to feel so much support and love through friends and family.

We had so many amazing people around us and we were able to talk about Grant. About who he was as a person and how he is helping us along the way. It brought tears to my eyes hearing friends talk about how much I meant to Grant, along with my parents and sisters. Not a person went by in his life that didn’t hear Grant express how much he loved us. This is something I knew, but I feel this continuous reassurance that he would never have wanted us this sad… He would never have wanted to leave us to grieve.

I will never know just how to say THANK YOU enough to the family and friends that sacrificed their time and talents for us. I know that each one of you had others things going on in your life. It means so much to us that you so graciously dropped everything for us working from sunrise to sunset, in the sprinkles and peak of sunshine. I also would like everyone to keep Grant’s dearest friend Ray in your thoughts and prayers. Sunday morning Ray broke his foot by landing on it after a break in a board. We hope for a speedy and full recovery.

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2 thoughts on “Spider Monkey and Company

  1. Rhonda Pentz

    How he must have been smiling as those trusses were being lifted on his dream….I could hardly wait to get home from work just to check the progress, check the weather, just wanting to see the progress that was being made. It really is such a collaboration of family and friends that love Grant. I know I say this a lot, but thanks again for taking the time to document all this, I know it takes time, and time is something that is probably hard for you to come by during this time of year. Just want to make sure you know how much it is appreciated. My prayers are with Grants friend, Ray, that he will have a speedy recovery, so sorry to hear about his injury. A lot of happiness, but so many tears…Grant is missed.

  2. Grandma Faith

    Amazing week-end with family and friends. With the Lord giving us a day on Saturday without rain lots of work was done on Grant’s House. We all were so thankful. Sunday may have been drizzly and damp, but what a great team of men and women working so hard to accomplish Grant’s dream. Thanks everyone!! Remember Ray in your prayers.

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