One more go!

Last weekend we purchased the shingles! Our boutique and garage sale raised enough to pay for all of the shingles. While we were pretty excited about that accomplishment we thought we’d let the garage sale continue for one more Thursday! We thought and prayed that maybe we’d be able to come up with the remainder of the roofing materials, nails/staples, and some other miscellaneous items that added up quickly! When we said we wanted our sale to raise the roof we weren’t kidding!! We wanted the whole roof raised! So, Thursday’s garage sale went great. We enjoyed the day with the kids and were a little short of our goal by the end of the day. As we pondered on what we would do to raise the rest we thought, heck, we’ll clean up tomorrow and keep the signs up while doing so. Maybe Friday would make us the remainder. Maybe, right? So, long story short, while tearing down on Friday a few shoppers stopped by. When the last bag was thrown into the trailer to be donated we were a bit short of our Friday goal. Just as we were about to close the garage door a beautiful smile walked in and handed Chelsey a card. Inside the card was a note about how she was touched by our blog and wanted to give a little contribution to Grant’s Place. No kidding, it was the exact amount (to the exact dollar) that completed our Friday goal and reimbursed dad to the exact dollar that he had spent the night before on the miscellaneous roofing material! Here again, ask and you shall receive keeps ringing in my ear.  Praise the Lord for such a great answer to our prayers!

Another answer to our prayers last week was Al! Al, of Al’s Restoration, was a high school friend of dad’s who sent dad a message saying that he does brick and rock work and would love to help out! He said he’d be up with samples to pick out for the front of the house this weekend! We were so excited to see the vision of the rock and match it to the shingles. Thank you so much to Al for understanding our passion for building Grant’s Place and showing us the perfect sample. It is going to look amazing!

We (mom and the Rolf’s) were able to join dad on Sunday (last week). Since we weren’t able to join last weekend we were excited to help and the kids were overjoyed to see the big yellow mailbox and Grant’s Place welcome signs. They were even more excited to reach the top of the driveway and see the house! What a transformation in one weekend! There was a house!!!

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One thought on “One more go!

  1. Grandma Faith

    Grandma Faith is so excited. We know God’s plan for Grant. We can raise and praise our thanks to the Lord.

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