Shingles started!

This past weekend was full of more outer shell work. The goal for Memorial Weekend is to button up the outer shell! It is definitely coming along! Our cousins and dad have worked so hard! Thank you to our cousins for never leaving dad’s side! They make quite the team and I have to honestly say that I have never met a more hard-working group of men! Thank you to everyone who has lent a hand in building over the last couple week, taken pictures to help the documentation of the progress, or helped to feed the bellies of these hard-working guys (even though that IS a hard task since these guys seem to put work before food)!! The generosity of everyone has been overwhelming!!!  I know Grant is smiling at how amazing you have all been to our family.

Meanwhile at the girl’s camp… mom and Karmin went SONday shopping! They fell upon a steal of a deal! Who could resist these yellow stickers?!?!?! At 90% off Grant now has a light for the stairway and a new cabinet!

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One thought on “Shingles started!

  1. Rhonda Pentz

    So awesome to see the shingles going on! Praying for good weather for the weekend! You really do have such an awesome family and team of friends working on Grants dream! It’s just so beautiful.

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