One Staircase Closer to Grant

Sunday afternoon I sat upon the wooden spool gazing into the bright blue sky as I listened to the radio broadcast; “Looks like the lakes area isn’t going to get the rain predicted after all — High of 74° and mostly sunny” as it faded into the next paisley tune. Despite the heartache of the morning, I was able to crack the most genuine smile knowing all too well that Grant had something to do with the sudden change in cloud coverage and the lack-there-of thunderstorms. Dad and the crew continued with the roof on Saturday and Sunday. After a few Brainerd runs for shortened material, lots of hard work, and more beer than we can count; these determined men accomplished the final shingles of the roof before dark. It was really heartwarming watching some conquer their fears in honor of Grant. I know very well that a smile would beam from his face; most likely after he threw the word wuss and a few laughs just to heighten the determination. Although our boy would always try to play the tough guy role by climbing the highest of heights and risking the biggest of jumps, he had a deep understanding and compassion for fear… Grant is so proud.

The following day literally created a stairway to heaven; one staircase closer to Grant. Mom has been much too nervous to climb the ladder to feel the exhilaration of the second floor view. She waited all weekend to experience half the euphoria the men atop the roof felt and the closeness to Grant in which it somehow brings. The view and feeling is breathtaking…

Yet another huge THANK YOU for the love, fun and kindness this memorial weekend brought to our family. We love all of you and can’t express our gratitude enough.

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3 thoughts on “One Staircase Closer to Grant

  1. Rhonda Pentz

    I love looking at these pictures, and many times I swear I see Grant….I can just picture him being the climber…and so excited about every step….literally…..Steve, Kim, and your whole circle of family and friends can be soooo proud of every nail! I continue to pray for strength, weather,and safety as Grant’s dream continues!!

  2. Nicole

    I cannot put into words how much I love this project! Although I never had the opportunity to meet all of you guys…Grant stays dear to my heart constantly. I met Grant in 7th grade science class. At that time he was just the cute boy behind me that asked to borrow a pen or pencil everyday before the teacher found out he didn’t bring one to class that day. Before I knew it Grant was one of my closer friends that never let me down. He helped me through more than I can even begin to explain. He never failed to put a smile on somebody’s face when they needed it the most. One of many qualities about Grant I came to admire.
    When the news came to me on the day Grant passed, it had been over a year since me and Grant had spoken. Which I think is what hit me the hardest.
    When I found your blog I fell in love. I think what you guys are doing is amazing and I believe Grant would love that you guys are doing this. I just wanted to let you guys know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all and I can’t believe how much reading your blog has helped and inspired me. You all are wonderful and I now know where Grant learned his wonderful qualities that I have admired for so long from.

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