Never Stop Improving

Being the advertising major I am, I recently began thinking about the Lowe’s slogan and the meaning beyond the surface of the phrase after Chelsey recited it to me. Never stop improving was a huge part of the 2011 branding strategy. When I heard the phrase I was thinking about how it applies to so much more than just the building and improvement of a home. As I was doing a bit of research I found a quote stating ‘The three words sum up how Lowe’s shoppers think about their homes and their lives.’ Instantly I thought how I knew that any advertiser wants to touch its consumers on an emotional level; tug at their hearts to gain their loyal customers. As we are working through our grief I have found myself wanting and striving to improve or ‘fix’ myself. I so badly wish that something as simple as a Lowe’s purchased DeWALT drill and 3” screw could mend the brokenness I feel or that a battery charger could bring back the life in my baby brother. I know that a hardware store can’t fix my family, but somehow they improve our spirits as we waltz through the isles and walk out of the sliding doors with a message from our Angel.

Below are some of the recent finds as we spent some time with Grant at our favorite Lowe’s stores. All the window trim of Grant’s Place is white and Mom came across all the white  fascia, soffits, and f-channels; I didn’t know what any of those siding details were until I was taught by my brother through this project.

For Dad’s birthday we all got him a second floor french patio door with built in shades. This will someday open to a beautiful deck overlooking the rolling hills, waters, and trees.

Below are more wonderful details for only great deals. The coffer ceiling tiles will cover the main bathroom to add elegance and character. All the doors throughout will be masonite white panel doors. The chandelier will hang above the front entrance of his home. And lastly, each exterior door will be adorned with oil rubbed bronze knobs — With multiple doors we were showered with lots of keys to share with Grant’s favorite people.

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One thought on “Never Stop Improving

  1. Rhonda

    Excitement with every stage….ground being graded, concrete being poured, first wall going up, second story going on, roof going on, shingles, stairs…windows,…., and just looking at some of these pictures that show some of the finishing touches….it’s just going so fast! I’m so glad you have shared this journey. Grant’s Place will never take the place of Grant, but the love that is going into it every weekend (and during the week) and all the love that’s going into every choice that is made, every decoration that speaks of Grant and his personality…such a neverending love…thanks again for sharing.

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