Clean & Warm

Impeccable timing on deals that are too good to be true are the very signs we believe are Grant sent. Some may think or assume that we are just incredible shoppers or seek until we find, but really they can only be described as gifts from heaven. Over the past week I received the most joyful calls from Mom as she knows her boy is with her. First, Mom has been in debate over having a washer and dryer in Grant’s Place. She didn’t want to waste space so she was considering the small washer/dryer combos that typically retail around $1,500. She e-mailed me deals throughout the week that were in the $700 range, which we found to be a decent price. We thought we would hold off since it was not a necessity for the moment. On Friday she thought maybe she would start looking at Craig’s list and maybe someday she would come across one. The instant she did a search the exact combo popped up in the Minneapolis area; unused, white, in perfect condition, and listed at $150. Mom stumbled anxiously as she e-mailed hoping that it was still available. After getting in contact the seller told her that it was all her’s and she can pick it up at her convenience!!

One of our next steps will be wiring so thinking about heating Grant’s Place has been on our minds. On Mom and Dad’s SONday Mom decided that she would make her way to the Lowe’s in Plymouth just to see what they had out that direction. It just so happened that specific Lowe’s had a Father’s Day special on their clearance carts — 75% off the lowest marked price! Mom found exactly 3 electric wall heaters (the exact amount we needed) at a jaw dropping price of $42! We are so happy that we will have heat so we can continue our journey for Grant throughout the bitter Minnesota winter.

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