Happy ‘Early’ Birthday Gifts

Our parents have always been so generous and thoughtful from the time we were little to currently in our adulthood. No matter the struggles when we were growing up my parents would sacrifice their time and work to teach us the joys of giving. We were spoiled in a way in which didn’t harm us, but taught us hard work pays off. Mom has always loved shopping for our birthdays and Christmas. She loves to think about the very things we would love no matter how big or small they might be. She gets so much joy seeing her babies eyes light up and treasure the gifts she put so much thought into. As all four of us kids know, Mom is notorious for giving gifts early. She just can’t wait and says something on the lines of “Oh, just open it!!” Mom could not have been more at ease that this past Christmas Grant got his gifts much earlier than normal. She just knew he would love the new laptop and with him applying to school it couldn’t have been a better time. Grant was ecstatic as Mom pulled into Best Buy telling Grant she had to pick up an online order. To his surprise she gave it to him as she told him Merry Christmas. Grantie got to enjoy his Christmas gift for several weeks and Mom got to feel the joys of gifting to her boy. Once Grant left us here on Earth Mom has found that the impatience of giving gifts early is something that God blessed her with.

As many know, Grant’s birthday is just around the corner. July 8th, 1988 was a very special day in our family’s lives. A Mom, Dad and three big sisters were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Grant and I were the closest in age and even at the age of two I loved him more than anything in this world. On this day my parents gave me another best friend; a friendship that I was blessed to have for just under 24 years. I still can’t imagine the emptiness we will have as our lives continue each year. It’s very emotional thinking about this day approaching and I wish so much that we can live life in reverse rather on fast forward.

Since Mom is so well known for her early gift giving I am going to be the one to spoil the surprise a few weeks early. Our family wanted to get something special for Grant for his Birthday and Mom and Dad decided to get him hardwood floors. They are a beautiful neutral cherry that will flow throughout the main floor. Who would have thought a pickle jar full of change Chelsey wanted to contribute would add up to $234?!? This is a gift we will forever know was for Grant’s first Earthly birthday in Heaven. I am so thankful for the memorial of Grant’s Place so we can never stop giving him all he deserves.

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One thought on “Happy ‘Early’ Birthday Gifts

  1. Rhonda

    Love the floors! And it’s an awesome way to say “Happy Birthday” to Grant! Thanks for sharing the story about your mom giving Grant his laptop early…she must have loved seeing him get so excited about that special of a gift. And it’s must have given her so much joy to see his happy face….as moms, it’s what we live for. You do such a good job journaling all of this, it’s such a talent….and the love just pours out of all the entries. Thanks again for sharing the little stories that made Grant who he was and is in our memories.

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