Happy Birthday to you. Grant’s birthday (July 8th) was filled with love, tears, hard work, and even a little sweat. All of our family made it up to Grant’s place to share in the starting of the siding. We ate an amazing BBQ, had cake (made by mom of course), wrote messages on the side of Grant’s house and lit the night sky with the most beautiful message lanterns. At one point, for a split second, the lanterns made a cross in the sky which of course we felt was quite ironic to see them align so perfectly.

This day, like any other was tough. The building of this house has really been a symbol of brotherhood, friendship and sacrifice. We’ve spent a lot of time, whether it be on-site in Pine River, from a Lowe’s store or Pinterest site, dwelling on the possibilities and dreams that were Grant’s dream. My mom recently mentioned that many have asked her, “so when will Grant’s Place be done?” Our reply, is “NEVER.” While, yes, certain pieces of Grant’s Place (such as siding) will have a completion date, we will then move onto the next project, and once the outside shell is complete there is so much more love that we have to put into this place and I truly believe that pouring love on Grant’s Place will be forever. Even once the indoors has a kitchen and a place to rest your head there will be an immaculate garden that will continue to need tender love and care. This place will be our home away from home to remind us of how much everyone loves Grant and even a little reminder of how much he loves us. We will all know that every one of us (especially us girls) learned how to use certain tools we probably never thought of using, we now know what tyvek, j-channels and f-channels, soffits and fascia are (and where they go). We know how to put in windows, how shingles are installed, and even Chelsey now knows how to operate a grill. We’ve enjoyed this experience because we know Grant is teaching us the things he held near and dear to his heart. We look forward to never putting an end to this project. We will continue til the end of our time.

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