Owl-Ways Open the Door

Grant loved people… He loved entertaining, talking, helping, and hosting. My parent’s house and even his own apartment always had an open door to those he loved. I miss so much coming home at my parent’s and Grant and a friend or many piled into the kitchen, on the sofa filling the family room, or sitting on the famous swing in the front yard. I loved how he always introduced me to a new face and proudly spoke of me as such a sweetie and that I was his sister, but also his best friend. I miss the ones I saw frequently and became my friend over the years. We know how PROUD Grant would be of his very own place and that he would constantly invite those he knew to join him under his roof. It hurts so much that he won’t be the one to cook in his kitchen, host the first gathering or holiday spent at his home. He may not be the one physically there hosting the gatherings, but I know he will be on the minds of all around and his spirit will feel so close to our hearts.

I was pleasantly surprised when mom sent me this image via text this morning with the first 5 keys to Grant’s home topped with owl key covers. I love the winking owls most because that was a signature move of Grant’s. Whenever he was across a room a wink meant “HEY” and when after a one-liner it meant “I’m just playin”. We want friends and family to know that Grant’s door is OWL-ways open… He would love for you to join him too.

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One thought on “Owl-Ways Open the Door

  1. Love it … I got one of those winks, too. I remembered that the moment I read it. Owl-ways remember his kindness and his compassion for his friends and family. He is not alone for that I am greatful, that Nick has someone he was friends with, there with him. Its nice to be with family, Nick has lots there – but to have a bud he can hang with, makes things a little better- just knowing.
    Jill – ^ Nick’s ^ Mom Forever

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