Grant’s Garden

A few weeks ago I was photographing this wedding and walked into the most beautiful gardens in Stillwater. It was filled with plants, flowers, paths, gates and lanterns. It was enchanting and even more so peaceful. I told my family all the wonderful feelings I got by being in the beauty of this garden. It just so happened that a week later Sarah and Mom got to go to the same gardens to shoot one of Grant’s childhood friends’ wedding. I remember back in 5th grade when Grant had told me about this cute girl and how he ate her phone number when she gave it to him because he was so nervous. Later that year he wanted to buy Kelly a Valentine’s gift and opted for a cactus…. Yes, a cactus. He told me it would be better than flowers because a cactus lasts forever and a flower only a week or so. Grant was the type to want things to last forever; not just gifts, but friendships as well. Grant and Kelly maybe didn’t ‘go out’ beyond 5th grade, but they remained friends for many years beyond. Mom and Sarah got the same feeling I got when seeing the gardens and we agreed that we would begin to build a peaceful memorial garden at Grant’s Place that replicated the Trellis Gardens. We chose all perennial plants (on sale of course) that, like the cactus, will last much longer than an annual bloom. For Grant’s birthday Dan and I wanted to begin the garden with a concrete bench as a centerpiece. This garden will forever be grown and maintained with tender loving care.

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One thought on “Grant’s Garden

  1. Nancy Sullivan

    Last weekend my husband and I attended a wedding at this same garden! I felt surrounded by peacefulness. I pray that your gardens bring you some of that same beauty and peace.

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