With Love, – Alex Arthur

We have the honor to share this amazing song written special for our family by Alex Arthur. He is a very talented young artist that took time out of his own music career to give us this amazing gift. We had a private concert in our living room last night and I promise you will be blown away at the dept of this young man’s music and soul. We cannot wait for his newest record to be release, “Something About Life and Death.” We feel like his voice should be heard by everyone. Music is where we can let it all out. Some songs pull on my emotions and let all my tears fall and with other songs I turn up the volume to the max in my mini van and pretend Grant is in the passenger seat while we jam out every lyric. So now that I am way more ‘in tune’ with every word in a song I’ve realize how a song can truly speak to your soul. I have, as I am sure have the rest of my family has, listened to song after song trying to see if it speaks to me. A lot of songs are close to how I feel or what I want to hear but not exactly… until now!!! I will listen to this song over and over and know that every single note is With Love, from our Grantie. Thank you to Alex from the bottom of our hearts for letting our brother [and son’s] love come through you in this beautiful song. PRESS THE PLAY button so you can hear too…

  With Love,  – Alex Arthur

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8 thoughts on “With Love, – Alex Arthur

  1. Kim Mellem

    Wow! Goosebumps. Tears. This is beautifully written – what a talented and amazing friend!

  2. Shannon

    It’s a beautiful song. What a gift of comfort to each of you.

  3. Grandma Faith

    So beautiful. Grant is always looking down with love.

  4. Joan & Stan

    That is an incredibly beautiful song! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sheila Gladitsch

    All I can say is BEAUTIFUL ❤

  6. Rhonda

    It is just so beautiful, Grant is smiling, through all the sadness…he is going to hold you up…

  7. Carol

    Absolutely beautiful and from the heart, I can feel the message and it brings tear to my eyes because of its beauty.

  8. That is Absolutely Beautiful! .. Love It!

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