Digging, Wires, and Nails

This past weekend sooooo much happened and became completed at Grant’s Place. Dad, Dave (Grant’s great friend and electrician), and Joe got the wiring done as all Dad’s helpers hung bucket lights and pulled wires!! Having the pro there really made things go smooth and fast! In addition, Mom and I (Karmin) arrived on Sunday morning. I started the morning by planting some plants in the garden and managed to clean and organize the inside of Grant’s house after all the framing and electrical work was complete. I thought of the days I would tell Grant NOT TO TOUCH anything after cleaning Mom and Dad’s because I wanted them to notice before he messed anything up and his adorable chuckle as he removed his dirty dishes from the sink. Of course I wouldn’t say it’s exactly clean, but definitely a step up from when I arrived.

Also, Dad and Marion and a little help from myslef finished the very last bit of siding. The shake of the scafolding and high heights made my work pretty minimal, but Dad got a thrill testing my mathmatical skills he taught me in elementry school… I think he is still pretty proud of the tables and quizzing he put me through from 2nd-4th grade.

Another huge accomplishment was the landscaping trim at the front of Grant’s house. Big thanks to Weston, Casey, Sarah and Ashton for all the digging. Ashton is going to be one hard working man and Grant would be so proud of his hammering skills and shovel strength!

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