Status Update

When thinking about what to begin todays post with all I thought was of the common slogan ‘Status Update’, which was essentially what I was doing. It made me think of Facebook the moment I began typing the phrase. It then made me think about what Facebook has done for me and the appreciation I have for it. It started as a small tool to connect with college friends in 2004 and turned to a major networking device for everyone including my grandmas. I find myself looking at Grant’s Facebook on a daily basis. I stare at past photos and carefully watch to see if someone maybe posted something on his wall. Although it makes me sad to read the posts in which friends and family write to him or tag him in, it touches my heart that Grant is constantly in his friends’ thoughts. Each and every message written since December has been carefully read by each person in my family. Some of the amazing things I have learned about Grant have been through the connections I have made through Facebook; it’s a place for his friends to stay connected with my family including Grant. I have been able to see the tattoos in remembrance of Grant, framed photos of Grant that sit on one’s nightstand, photos of owls saying that they are thinking of us, even the hard days of the people closest to Grant; all through status updates. Facebook has become a reassurance of his existence and his beautiful face, yet a reminder that he no longer has the ability to change his status updates. One of my favorite status updates that I refer to often of Grant’s:

Grant Sawyer: When in doubt just turn it over to God.  Pray, Let it be.  He will guide you to your destiny. If you are feeling impatient waiting for results maybe learning patience is needed to fulfill your destiny.

Now, a few ‘Status Updates” of Grant’s Place:

  • Tile – In store clearance $182.52,  original cost $718.00
  • Door –  clearance $32.00,  original cost $144.00
  • (2) Shades –  clearance $15.00, original cost $104.00 each
  • (2) Shades –  clearance $5.00, original cost $43.00 each
  • Fountain – clearance $68.00, original cost $189.99
  • Hook –  clearance $7.49, original cost $29.98
  • (2) Lanterns – clearance  $12.00, original cost $48 each
  • (2) Lanterns – clearance $7.00, original cost $28 each

Insulation has begun and Dad is looking for anyone to join him this weekend to continue. Let us know if you want to ride along.

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