Walk for Hope — In Memory of Grant Sawyer

While Dad and the Sawyer’s continue to work on Grant’s Place on this brisk Sunday afternoon, some of us stayed back to Walk in honor of Grant at the Walk for Hope in St. Paul. I am so proud to say we had one of the largest teams raising money for MN Adult and Teen Challenge this year. I cannot express how much gratitude I have for the donations and support from so many we love. This beautiful day was filled with both laughs and joy to tears and sadness. The event began with food and games as it lead into the walk, and ended with MNTC choir and testimonials of those who are working hard through the trials of addiction. I felt very proud of those who could stand up with their stories and power of change in their lives, yet my heart sank feeling Grant can’t finish that fight with happiness. I stood back observing the current residence from the choir today reminding myself so many things Grant always told me. Addiction does not choose age, race, status nor gender. It hurts so many good people around this world. It was so hard to imagine that the group before my eyes today was only a small fraction of those who are battling. I feel like it is so unfair that while some make it through recovery in full, others like Grant don’t get that. I am angry that Grant didn’t get another chance nor another day. All I can do in my time is continue to help others as Grant would want me to do. I will be the voice of his testimonial on Earth… For that will make him proud. God was always on his side and they never gave up on each other. RIP with the Lord, my Grant. I love you for always.


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