Hunting Partner

This past week Dad and Mom got to take an entire week off of work to go to Grant’s Place to continue building before it gets too cold. Dad spent his time with Grant and completing some projects that he has been working to wrap up. Dad finished up the front stone, hung the pendant light by the front door, and finished up the insulation on the inside. Mom spent her time helping and cleaning the windows as best she could. She of course made Grant’s favorite eggs and sausage meal for Dad each morning; a meal Grant and Dad made all the time for each other.

As much as the three of us girls know how much Dad loves us, Grant was his boy. Grant was his fan, his Sunday football buddy, his hunting partner, and his best friend. There was no one that expressed how much they loved their Dad than Grant did. Grant always knew what an amazing Dad and person he is. I remember one day out of the blue Grant texted him just to tell him how much he loved him and if he could someday be half the man he was Grant would be pleased in himself. Daddy misses Grant and deals with it differently than us girls… by liking, loving, and complimenting Dad on his hard work is all he needs. Not for his own selfish reasons, but because he just wants everything to be perfect in Grant’s name. Grant’s Place is a place that Dad and Grant loved. It was a place they were free to play, hunt and love the land. It was a place they looked forward to in years to come… years that included them both walking the land. I’m certain Grant would have carried our Dad through the woods to a deer stand if he had to even if it meant they got to spend another day or season together. Grant secretly said one time that he didn’t like killing the deer, but he liked watching them and the time he spent with the guys. So this year as deer hunting season has opened, Dad decided it was not his year to hunt. As he continues through this fall he will just peacefully watch them pass.

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One thought on “Hunting Partner

  1. Joan & Stan

    That is such a beautiful home, what a tribute to your son and brother. It has been inspiring to follow your blog and see the pictures. Thanks for sharing this. I can only imagine how the building helps you to put your happy and sad energies to good use. We continue to pray for you and cheer you on.

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