A Lowe’s Halloween

We love Lowe’s for more than one reason. Not only have they brought us joys of good deals for Grant’s Place, but for the kids too. They all very well know that we go to Lowe’s to shop with Grant. They actually really love the store… Benny even asks if we can go to Lowe’s. This past Son-day Lowe’s had trick-or-treating, games and building projects for the kids so Mom didn’t want the kids to miss this. B-dub and Ashton wore their superhero costumes that were hand-picked and bought by Grant himself. I remember him buying several at 90% off for the kids to play in, as he knew how much fun they had in them. Grant was certainly at this special Lowe’s day watching the kids just as he always loved to. I can see him snicker at their funny comments and stealing their candy from their buckets. HE LOVES THEM SO MUCH!!


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2 thoughts on “A Lowe’s Halloween

  1. Carol

    What a beautiful family, the love shines through the pictures.

  2. Rhonda Pentz

    What a fun thing that Lowes does. It really looked like such a perfect day.

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