The Ceilings and Walls Begin

This past weekend Dan and Matt made their way up to Grant’s Place to help Steve and the regulars with the sheet rock. All weekend I eagerly checked my phone for pictures and any updates of the day’s progress. Not that I expect any sort of speed in their work, but just feeling like I’m a part of the progress in each day when I can’t be there. As l think about the sheet rocking of Grant’s Place, it’s very much like each and every other step in this journey. It relates to love, healing, strength and hope that we as a family can have some sort of peace and understand to life without our Grant.

I know that Grant is watching over and guiding us. I know he would have never wanted us to suffer without allowing us some relief of joy and this project has been our family’s labor of love that will forever continue throughout our lives.

I was thinking a bit deep about walls. As excited as I am to see the sheet rock  go up it is a closure to something very important. The sheet rock covers up a lot of hard work,  a lot of talent and an enormous amount of love that friends and family have worked so hard on. Very much like how the skin on our bodies covers and protects the most important parts. The part that makes things work. Much like people, no matter how beautiful the outside may be the important part of who we are remains inside. It is so much like building Grant’s Place. It’s taught us about ourselves. If no one tends properly to the insides, the hidden parts, the intercut cut pieces that makes things work properly and allows us peace of mind and comfort. That if the insides aren’t tended to properly the outsides will never remain strong.  We need to tend to the insides properly before building walls so that we understand that we too are very much like installing siding and hanging sheet rock. If we need to give ourselves the room we need to shift throughout the seasons. I can’t even begin to thank the people who have been a part of our healing through building.

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