Thank You

2012 is coming to an end and most people are likely sitting back feeling anxious to begin a new year. Some find the new year to be a fresh start and begin to frantically set their newest weight loss goals and/or finding a new reason to finally quit their bad habits. Myself on the other hand… I’m feeling really sad as this year is ending. It means to me another year of learning to grieve the loss of Grant and the thought of the years ahead without him is really scary to me. I have found myself setting resolutions on a daily basis to create some structure and goals; each goal might just be for the day and I don’t put pressure on myself for it to last any longer than midnight. Some of these goals a year ago had just been getting out of bed for the day and more recently it has been to show my love and gratitude to others. Today I want to thank all of those who have been by our side in 2012; from the kindest of words to the helping hands at Grant’s Place. Some of the most generous hearts have been from those I would have least expected or didn’t even know prior to Grant’s loss. But the people I truly need to thank are the feet that have stood by my Dad’s this year hammering their hearts away. There are many people who have helped, but nobody has invest more time, talent, and love than a few really special guys; THANK YOU to Marion, Wesley, and Casey… Thank you for being there for my Dad this year.

It’s been a while since I updated on all the accomplishments this winter, but they are slightly more tedious and less visible for photos (plumbing, electrical, and all the nooks of sheet rocking). Now that almost all the sheet rock is up, the fun task of mudding has begun. We are so anxious that the beauty of the inside is so close to begin.

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