Some days we shall play…

Grant loved winter sports! I know that if we were up north, in one of Grant’s favorite winter environments, he would have been the first to throw on the snow pants, bundle up the kids and demand the kids learn how to snowboard, snowmobile, sled, whatever play could be had. They would have gotten out magazines and talked about Burton Boards and the newest Arctic Cat models and would have been begging mom to allow dad to throw a new snowmobile into the winter budget. Some of my fondest memories of Grant are the many times we went snowboarding together. Whether it at a nearby park or at the ski hills we always had fun and I was always determined to have Grant think I was cool. With that said, we found it necessary to start a Christmas weekend tradition of sledding (and attempting to snowboard) down the hill next to Grant’s Place. So in the middle of some of the sheetrocking work this past Christmas weekend we decided to do a little playing too. I remember in many of these snowboarding travels we had with Grant he would always look at the little early elementary aged kids and he would always make the comment “Sarah! That will be your little guy one day!” We would always laugh at how cute those kids looked and how truly talented some of them were. In my head I secretly thought that this comment meant that Grant thought I was cool and that I would be a pretty awesome mom. However, let’s be honest, most of the four year olds were better than me. And, if I can remember correctly at some of Karmin’s attempts that put her under a fence and pretty much hanging from a cliff, or the concussion that she may have received on another trip, they were definitely better than her. Just kidding Karmin, you ROCK! Other favorite memories were had on the winter trips with our friend Luke up to the cabin. Grant’s Place property houses a lot of winter memories with Grantie and I hope to continue these… especially since my dad’s good friend John just donated his snowmobile to Grant’s Place!

Fulfilling the memories of our snowboarding days Karmin and Dan bought Ashton a snowboard for Christmas. While I will admit I am a bit of a freeze baby I vow that I will try to be a cool mom and get back on that board. Not only to make my brother think I am still cool but so I am the cool mom on the block and so my kids can experience one more thing Grant loved. Next step will be to buy a helmet! For Ashton and for myself!


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3 thoughts on “Some days we shall play…

  1. Rhonda Pentz

    I love all the pictures, new and old. Grants personality continues to shine through your whole family, and especially those nieces and nephews. The life and laughter you all continue to share is just such a beautiful thing. I know there is so much sadness, because of the hole Grant left, BUT the amount of stories, the twinkles in eyes, laughter, pickles,….owls (everywhere you look!)….and the future stories and laughter to come, it is Grants gift to all of you. So much love….there’s just SO much love. Thanks for sharing these beautiful memories and stories. I look forward to watch some of the new stories and memories that will be made at Grants Place!

  2. Grandma

    This story is just so cool Sarah. I remember you getting ready to go sledding and there couldn’t be anyone more excited than Grant. His face was so lit up with a BIG grin on his face, maybe even a few circles made to hurry up everyone. I can hear him say, “Are you coming along Grandma?” “Why not, why not?” I love the pictures showing the love Grant has for his family and their love for him.

  3. Carol

    Love all the great pictures, especially the one with the dog with his “working” goggles. The kids will have such great memories as they grow up, your family is teaching them such wonderful life lessons. God bless all of you.

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