Philippians 4:13

I have spent my week reflecting on last weekend at Grant’s Place. I’ve had the photos ready and each time I contemplate what to write along with the images I am at a loss for words. I have felt this way a lot lately when it comes to talking or writing about Grant and how I feel. I’ve concluded that I am at a loss because I feel no different from I did a year ago. I’m still sad…I miss him… I’m angry… I feel as though if I begin to talk about it, I am just repeating what I have said over and over again.

I began thinking about the positive feelings I had coming out of the weekend and how this affects me in my day to day life. The hard work and determination to help has given me empowerment that I never felt before. I worked outside of my comfort zone doing something I normally would have found dreadful; taping and mudding wasn’t exactly on my list of things I wanted to learn. Knowing that I am capable; Here on Earth I can do anything for God has given me the gift of life. I told myself that I have been blessed with two hands and  two feet and I am going to use them as God intended. Some people are maybe faster or more accurate than others, but God has given us the ability to do all things possible.

Grant and I were big fans of “The Doughnut Man” when we were little and there was a Bible verse song that we ran around the house singing. As I began the tapping the words popped into my head as if  Grant put them there himself… “I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me” Philippians 4:13.


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