Another weekend mudding… and of course some play!

The last weekend of January was a cold one – – – but warm inside Grant’s house! Dad was surprise visited by the Rolf’s on Friday night and Saturday, and the Topeff’s on sunday! We were trilled to have the kids try out their very first snowmobiling experience! More mudding, more mudding, more mudding! We’re excited for the Hoang brothers to join in the snowmobiling fun next weekend!

The very last pictures are of the snowmobiling fun…. when they were taken all I could think about was the Chubby joke, it kept rolling in my mind, over and over again. Grant always said the Chubby joke. He was always finding a way to crack a smile on our faces, even if it meant repeating the same joke over and over again. I will never forget that smoosh up face. So with that… I will let you imagine Grant telling it to you and squeezing his face. “Hi. My name is Chubby.  My Mama’s chubby. My Daddy’s chubby. Even my sisters’ are chubby.
One day, my daddy took me for a ride on a snowmobile. I said, “Go faster daddy!” He said “No.” I said, “Go faster Daddy!!” He said, “No.” I said, “Go FASTER DADDY” AND …. close your eyes and imagine the face Grant now would have stretching it back as far as he could screaming “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Slow down daddy.”


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One thought on “Another weekend mudding… and of course some play!

  1. Karin

    Love the pictures!! Every single one.

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