Excited to Buy

Something we will all learn about… septic tanks; 14 yards of rock, fabric,  piping,  a lot of digging. I don’t think at this point in our journey anyone would doubt we can do this, right? The digging began last April and we will be digging again this April. I will work with joy in my heart to earn the money to let the water flow. I am so so excited to take a shower after a hard days work at Grant’s. All that matters to me is that my babies have every nice thing this world has to offer. I know Grant has better than all of us where he is, but as his mama I want all the Earthly things for him. It is as important to me as it is for you with your children. Grantie would be so proud of his home and he would be so happy you find comfort in his place.


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One thought on “Excited to Buy

  1. Grandma Faith

    Such wonderful messages about our Grantie. My tears never stop flowing when I read these messages which are so true about Grant. He had a love for us all, always wanting to help others before himself. God has safely wrapped him in His arms and we will see Grant again on the Glorious Day!!

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