Our very own owl house

owl house

Grant LOVES these kids, I mean really loves these kids. I never went a minute around Grant without knowing that he thought the world of his nieces and nephews. He thought they were the prettiest, cutest, most handsome, funniest little kids around. They put the biggest smile on his face every time they walked through the door. The same goes for these kids, even to this day anything to do with Grant’s Place, talking about Grant, giving “Grant kisses,” or even finding an owl makes the kids light up. They see an owl in a store and I hear, “mommy, look it’s an owl.” I tuck Ashton into bed and all I hear is, “can I give you Grantie kisses?” He then proceeds to kiss my forehead and cheeks. I wake Ashton up in the morning and he is overfilled with joy and screams with excitement if I let him wear his “Grantie shirt,” which is a shrunken green wool sweater that once was Grant’s (before Nana shrunk it). Nana and Papa had been researching how to make an owl house and thought the kids would think it was fun to put it together. Boy did they have fun! Every bit of kid love went into this house to keep up at Grant’s Place. We hope and cross our fingers that when the days grow dark and the windows are open that we will hear a “hoot hoot” in the woods to comfort us. We hope this provides shelter to a little owl family and that the silence of night will be filled with a pretty little sound. Grantie, these kids love you to the moon and back. Owl-ways protect them and shine your love upon them. XOXO

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One thought on “Our very own owl house

  1. Carol

    They are so cute and oh so proud of their accomplishment! What blessings they are to all of you.

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