Proud to be Grant’s Dad


This past weekend the doors went back up on the cabinets. Many afternoons after work I would make my way over to Dan and Karmin’s basement where a big job for Grant’s Place was underway. This was a time I found myself talking to Grant; asking him what he thought and yes, complaining a bit about the many layers of work that all looked the same. Painting, painting, painting… window trim, doors, floor boards, cabinets… Something I was so excited to get started.

When comparing the projects at Grant’s Place to other things in life there are then things that bring instant gratification in a short amount of time and then there are other things like white paint… Layer after layer and never look any different.

Steve accomplished so much this past weekend; lights in the kitchen, bathroom upstairs, the ceiling fan/light in the family room area, the light above the side door and yep the Chandelier that Chelsey bought that hangs above the front door.

Not often, but at times Steve and I sit back and take a few minutes to just look at it all. This project is for Grant. For some that may be hard to quite understand, but a home was something he was so excited and proud to dream of… for his sisters this had already happened and he was so proud of the things they accomplished and looked forward to the time in his life that they would come for him. Grant and I would sit at the computer and look at blueprints of small houses that he wanted to someday build. Grant’s Place belongs to Grant; It’s a gift, a tribute to our beautiful son. It’s a place we can laugh, cry and celebrate our boy.

So yes we do sit back, take a breath, dream and talk to him. I know he can hear me. I know that he is Steve’s strength; his guide as much from Heaven as on Earth. He is Steve’s very best friend. I know there are angels everywhere. There have been so many moments throughout this project that Earth angels appeared just when Steve needed a helping hand or maybe just to lift his spirit. He loves to talk about all the work accomplished and how he came up with some innovative way of doing it, but most of all he is so proud of Grant’s Place. As proud as he is to say he’s Grant’s Dad.

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2 thoughts on “Proud to be Grant’s Dad

  1. marla

    Your blog is such a journey!!!! Grants Place is beautiful!!!!

  2. Steve Sawyer (Dad)

    When I read this it made me cry,,,, I miss him so so much.

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