Let It Be…

There are a lot of things I miss about my brother. I miss his snickers, laughs, and story telling. Of all the little things I miss the deep conversations and the advice we gave each other. We could always be the expert on each others lives. He knew how to make me understand things about life in a way I never saw it and I did the same for him. Most of all he was so great at showing me to have continuous hope. He was and always be an example of faith. As I sit here today, 558 after Grant left us on Earth, I continue to have messages I know he is showing me.

A few days after loosing Grant I found this quote he wrote awhile back on his facebook wall. I have no idea where he got it or if it was somehow from his own mind. The quote read:

“When in doubt just turn it over to God. Pray. Let it be. He will guide you to your destiny. If you are feeling impatient waiting for results maybe patience is needed to fulfill your destiny.”

For those that knew Grant or attended his funeral knows ‘Let It Be’ was one of his favorite songs. It was sang by his childhood pastor on our final goodbye. I know it’s a phrase he thought often of and I feel this passage is something he wanted me to have. I reference it on a daily basis… I tell myself when I’m having hard day that Grant is telling me these words. Not everything in anyone’s life goes as they hope. Challenges are faced and of course patience is needed. When things don’t happen the way I need or want them to I am certain that’s God telling me; “Let it be. It will happen when it’s suppose to happen…. Karmin, you can’t plan everything!”

P.s. I miss the way he always called me sweetie or Hun. Not many brothers love their sisters that much.

Hugs, Karmin

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