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Monday, July 8th was Grant’s 25th earthly birthday. We were proud and honored to enjoy the company of lots of friends and family at Grant’s Place. After over a year of sweat, lots of hugs, tons of prayers, cutting, sawing, hammering, mudding, taping, gardening, trimming, painting, and furnishing, and so much support of family and friends, especially, cousins, aunts, uncles, brother-in-laws, and nieces and nephews, we were so proud to honor Grant’s memory with a tour of his house. I’ve posted a few pictures below… but you have to click the link to view the video virtual tour… and of course you want to hear Grant’s song “With Love” written and beautifully sang by Alex Arthur…







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6 thoughts on “Virtual Tour

  1. Bridget

    What an amazing tribute.

  2. Everhardt, Mark C

    Wow! I am amazed at how beautiful Grant’s Place came out! I have enjoyed reading the blog during this process. This is an amazing tribute that you all have done for Grant! Although I never knew Grant, I feel like I have gotten to know him through your blog!
    God Bless you all!

    Mark Everhardt

  3. Kelly S

    Absolutely. Love. xoxo

  4. Rhonda

    I have looked at these pictures SO many times already!! I keep noticing something new, tho, every time I look through them! It’s so fun seeing all the things you’ve been collecting, and all the finds from many of your shopping sprees on Sondays….it’s such a peaceful and serene place! A lot of new memories will be made there, along with sharing Grant stories every time you are there….and if you just want to be quiet, it’s perfect for that, too! My prayers for all of you are that you will be able to relax and feel some special arms around you as you now can just enjoy his house……love you all!

  5. Tim

    Love it!

  6. Carol

    All the love and tender feelings are so evident in the beautiful home that your family has created, God bless you all and grant you the peace you so clearly deserve.

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