A disease that does not discriminate….

Other than going back and looking at pictures of the progress of Grant’s Place I have not gone back and really read the thoughts and feelings I blogged over the past 16 months. I think it will be a stage in my healing, but for now I think reading it is a place too difficult for me to relive.  Anticipating Kare 11, Lindsey and Jonathan telling Grant’s Story, I felt a lot of anxiety of how people would perceive the story. They spent so many hours/days with our family. I couldn’t quite imagine how the conversations, questions asked and answered would fold out into a story that showed respect in Grant’s honor and dignity to a disease that so many people struggle with.  And I think they achieved that perfectly. It’s a disease that even I found more comfort in privately finding support. So if one person… just one person feels less alone in the struggle by reading this blog then it’s honoring my beloved son. Those who struggle with addiction know as much as this disease was a struggle for Grant he always put others ahead of himself and gave them the advice, strength, courage that he so longed for himself. He encouraged, loved and cared for people that struggled with life in general and always encouraged others to find help. He was in a rehab program 4 times for one reason… He wanted to be free. He never stopped fighting this disease and if he couldn’t win this battle he would want others to and if his death was the reason they finely decided to fight the war of addiction harder than ever he would rest in peace that his fight wasn’t in vain. Those still struggling that knew Grant know he is their warrior in heaven. He would remind them they too are a child of God and that all of us on Earth have a battle to fight on this Earth… its Earth.

If you or someone you know is seeking help Grant and the rest of our family supports Serenity Village for a sober life: https://www.facebook.com/serenityvillagecommunitychurch.serenityvillage?fref=ts

Love Grant’s mom

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