Walk for Hope 2013

Together, with the help of friends and family and sitting through a two day garage sale our team “In Memory of Grant Sawyer” raised $5,439 for MN Teen Challenge. We were so excited to be a part of the fundraising for this great organization. We hope that this money touches lives that are struck by addiction and pray that it saves many. Thanks to everyone who helped in our efforts! We hope to see you next year!

grant sawyer 1

grant sawyer 2

grant sawyer 3

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One thought on “Walk for Hope 2013

  1. Nancy & Christopher Ritchie

    To the Sawyer Family: We are teachers from Wisconsin, and our daughter recently spent 3 months at MATC and is now living at Serenity Village in Fridley as she works on her sobriety. Your fund-raising certainly is part of what enabled her to stay at MATC, as she had absolutely no financial resources and because we are both retired from teaching, we had very little to offer her in terms of financial help. In March of 2012 she spent a month at Hazelden, and within 2 months was drinking again and received a 3rd DUI. After a 30-day stint in jail she chose to go to MATC. She will celebrate 90 days of sobriety tomorrow 2/18/14. She already has her bachelor’s degree, and her goal is to eventually get her master’s degree of addiction studies at Hazelden. We pray she makes it. We have been disappointed so many times before, it is hard sometime to be optimistic. But there is always hope. Thank you for your fun-raising efforts; it makes a difference, and because of you, our daughter has a chance at life.

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