The following story was sent to me today and I could completely relate. I encourage you to take the time to watch this story and keep this family in your prayers. I know the fears they have faced and the nightmares they endure:

One meaning of the blog is to show how addiction can happen to anyone and how a fragile life can spiral so easily; how a few dabbling moments can turn into a much larger problem. Teens and young adults are abusing drugs long before they are mentally prepared to handle the implications that it is futuristically going to cause for themselves. Because it is a prescription most “kids” are not aware that this is a problem. Doctors are over prescribing medications to children, teens and young adults without educating parents on how addicting many of them can be, how popular sharing/selling prescriptions is, and what an epidemic it is to have parties with these drug to increase the effects of their alcohol. I highly encourage parents to educate themselves. Consider this story one more reminder that it can happen to anyone, guard your medicine cabinets, and be aware that pot isn’t the only teenage problem that they will eventually outgrow because “everyone’s kids try it a few times.” This isn’t a small problem. Friends are losing their children, small children are losing parents, loved ones lives are so quickly being numbed by this epidemic. One person is not going to change the world but if we all are educated about how big of a problem this is and how we cannot have the “it won’t happen to me or my kid” mindset we might be able to have an open mind to understanding the problem and help to make a difference.

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