Holly Lu – our little winter wonderlove

On December 21st at about 12:50 in the morning the phone rang loud waking me from a sweet dream. The chime rang loud in my ear. For days I had been excited that this call would come. I kept my phone next to me waiting to hear the musical notes informing that a new life was making her way into this world.
To start off, I will tell you about my dream because I think it brings a little bit of Grant’s humor to the big exciting event. I also like it because it seems that so many have dreams of Grant and for me they come few and far between. For so long I wished and wished he’d join me in my dreams. So as short as this one was I still had to remember every moment of it as part of the welcoming of our new family addition. So, my dream on December 21st was of me talking to Grant. It was a very short conversation but all I remember was a white cooler like box sitting in the entry area of our Brooklyn Park home. I remember walking up the stairs saying “Grant don’t leave your things at the bottom of the stairs.” I looked at him at the top of the stairs with his big smile and he was eating a Jimmy John’s sandwich. This is the moment where my phone woke me up to Matt saying Chelsey’s water broke. Chelsey, as many of you know is known for a very speedy delivery. When Greta was born, three years ago, the hallway and triage table is where she decided to make her arrival. No epidural, Matt in the parking lot, and Benny in the elevator watching his mommy in excruciating pain. So as you can imagine there were several very excited family members rushing their way to Mercy hospital praying they didn’t miss the arrival of our little miracle. This time we were not going to miss it! I threw on whatever clothes were nearest me and ran out the door!

Dan took watch over Chelsey’s sleeping kids as Karmin and I speeded our way to the hospital. Sarah rushed through the doors just as we did still in her ugly Christmas sweater!
Grant was with us on December 21st when Holly Lu made her arrival into the world safe and sound not even 45 minutes after the phone call. I know Grant knew her and held her safe and sound for us. I like to think she is a little gift from Grant and that he held her first. I had thought for some time even though she was due in January that she would be our Christmas gift. I think Grant would have wanted our family to have some happy and a little piece of heaven in the middle of what has been a very sad month for us. Grant wanted us to be happy and find joy because I know our sadness over the holidays would make him sad. Someone, a while back told Chelsey that there’s something extra special about this baby. She has truly delivered a message from heaven; about new life and happiness, joy and love. I know Grant begged God for this gift to us.

We continue to laugh about how “freaky fast” the Topeff babies make their arrival. So the Jimmy John’s sandwich from my dream only seemed appropriate! Many of us hoped that Holly Lu would come early, and join us for Christmas and our wishes came true. Her name came from Grant’s love for the song Hallelujah. We continue to sing praises for the joy she has brought to our lives. She is truly a gift from God.

hallelujah (definition): an exclamation of worship or a call to praise “Praise ye the Lord.”



The kids and I love listening to this Jimmy John’s commercial… Enjoy!


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One thought on “Holly Lu – our little winter wonderlove

  1. Mama Faith

    So, so beautiful!!

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