Another birthday in Heaven… Celebrating the Birthday Boy

It was another birthday in heaven for Grant this week. I hope in some magical heavenly way he was watching us celebrate his life. I imagine him sitting on some unique puffy white cloud smiling down on us all at play celebrating him in our own fun kid-like adventurous way. I can see the cute smirk of sweetness on his face as we celebrate his life.
For me it was a bittersweet day…. it hurts and it’s hard to even get my finger to type the words I wanted to say. The many emotions leading up to this day are indescribable… I can only wish to say “my son is 27.” The words “he would be…”  breaks my heart.
The guest of honor wasn’t at this party to hug. His sweet grin was missing as we spent the weekend/week at Grant’s Place with friends and family, singing, birthday cake food fights, boating, and honoring his life by doing some of the things he loved to do. The “thanks guys” and “love ya’s” are merely silent whispers from our heart. I miss him are the only words I can think of as we celebrate this birthday…

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