Why I walk…

I attend a bible study at my church called Sojourn, which means a temporary stay – this group breathes life into me weekly, gets me thinking about life, pondering some of the questions life brings. I think it is much like my mom’s blog – the purpose is for others to know that they will not walk alone, that this life is our temporary home, and gives us hope in the future. We will stay here temporarily, waiting for our time to call heaven our eternal home. I was sitting in my church’s women’s bible study this week. The subject in our study this fall has been, “lies women believe” and this week’s subject was on hope. It made me start to think about this weekend and the Walk for Hope and why we do it.

A question was raised about hope… when was there a time you felt let down or that there was no more hope?… when was hope deferred in your life?…

Mine is pretty obvious in losing my brother… those were some of the darkest days a person could endure. Life felt like it was hopeless, meaningless, and tragic. That day and the months and years to follow hope felt very far away, still does some days.

Some days I feel like, “why do we walk?” Our hope has been lost because my brother is gone and then I start to think about how many people Teen Challenge has helped and how many families it has healed and will continue to heal with the help of others and with the power of prayers. I received a text last week from someone who wanted to donate to Teen Challenge in memory of my brother. When I thanked her she said that her brother was currently in the program. It broke my heart and then reaffirmed the reason we walk. I walk for a million reasons. Here are just a few…

I walk for the 14 year old boy and his mother who falls to her knees every day praying. I walk in celebration of those whose hope has been restored; for those who have walked out of this program a changed man or woman. I walk for the children whose daddy is finally home. I walk for the struggling war going on in the lives of those who are working on their hearts and trying each and every day to free themselves of addiction. I walk for those who feel there is no hope. I walk for the choir of Teen Challenge participants – for them to see how many people support them in their recovery. I walk for all of the brothers and sisters out there; all of the sons and daughters. I walk for my children and our future.

My kids talk about the Walk for Hope all year long. Come about spring time each year they continually ask me, “Mom, how long until the Walk for Hope?” My usual response is … we’ve got some time, six months away, two months away… til finally… THIS WEEKEND.” It’s become a family tradition that they know brings our family and friends together each fall! The bouncy houses, face paint, free food, prizes, foam alley, and the mention that “Elsa and Anna” might be there this year are some pretty good perks too…

If you feel compelled to walk with us we would love to see you on Sunday as a part of our team – and walk with a huge group of friends and family!

We would love for anyone to join us in memory of my brother and in support of all of those who are struggling with addiction. We currently have a team of 20 people! We are so excited for our kids to make this a personal experience, to honor those lives that have been lost, and restore hope. Adults are $15, kiddos are FREE.

Sunday, September 27th

11:00-1:00 – Registration, Kid’s Corner, DJ, entertainment and Picnic

1:00-2:30 5K Walk

2:30 Choir Concert/Testimonies/Prizes

Harriet Island Regional Park Pavilion

200 Dr. Justus Ohage Blvd

St. Paul, MN 55101

Here is a link to our team if you’d like to join us in the fun…


Password: grant01

walk for hope

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